My Brain And Me

A brain's perspective to everyday life

Does (brain) size matter?

Do you remember how we’ve been taught that during the course of evolution, our brain developed and grew in size, which gave us a competitive advantage over other species. Each DNA variation leading to a bigger brain would out-compete former generations. The reassuring thought that we were on...

Belief systems: What script are we following?

About belief systems and how they hold us back Have you ever heard about people winning the lottery to find themselves broke a couple of years later? It happens more than you may think. 78% of professional NFL players are bankrupt within only three years of retirement despite having earned tens...

Why we are our own worst ennemy? Our dual brain…!

When you read about the early history of mankind, you’re being told about our amazing capacity for adaptation and how it made us capable of living almost anywhere on earth. Yet, each time I have a conversation with a CEO or HR Manager, I’m struck how it almost always comes down to the same...

Don’t (always) listen to your intuition

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine got laid off. So far there’s nothing special. The crisis might be over in economic terms, but the human cost of it is still souring. My friend works in sales, and due to the crisis his figures weren’t as high as the ambitious sales manager had...

Stress: why men should listen more to their feminine side

Last weekend, my four year old son had a birthday party of one of the other kids at school. Whilst driving him he explained to me that that kid was a bully and was regularly hitting other kids at school. Slightly worried I asked my son if he was also at the receiving end. He replied with a...

We are our brain

About a six months ago I started playing with the idea to go online. Spread the word, make it known… Make what known? WE ARE OUR BRAIN Everything we do, every single conscious or unconscious decision we make, every emotion we feel, every personality trait that make us who we are… all...