At the Brain Academy, we're completely fascinated by the human mind. And if you share that passion, you came to the right place.

We're in the best time ever to study the human mind. This is the next big human adventure. The next big exploration. We're not shooting for the stars. No, this time, we're going inside ourselves.

Across all disciplines breakthroughs are happening at an ever increasing rate. There's a broader and deeper emerging understanding of who we are, our human nature.

And from where we are looking, here at the Brain Academy, we do like what we see. Far from being a cold, mechanical and materialistic view of nature, it really is a new humanism that is emerging.

And that is exactly what we want to share with you:

Access over 300 videos
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Gain insights on how your brain works
without technical jargon or obscure scientific terms
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This is Brain Science accessible to all.

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Our brain is the most complex biological structure in the known universe. If that sounds impressive... that's because it is. The human mind is complex, and we can't just have a one-dimensional approach to it.

When you join our Brain Academy, you can choose to explore our content freely... or follow the path we have designed specially for you, so you can get the most out of your experience with us.

4 steps to explore your brain

The Brain Academy consists of 4 different steps, each with a different focus.

Step 1: Understand

The first step, which is also the N°1 reason for people to join our Brain Academy, is to better understand our brain and its impact on our behaviour.

It comes down to understanding why we do the things we do, the way we do them.

Here we explore the different structures of our brain. We unmask some common brain myths and lay the foundations for things to come.

And in order to be able to absorb all this, we dive deep into how to focus as well as memory and learning techniques.

Step 2: Apply

Once we have laid the foundations, we can move to our second step, which is to apply our new found insights.

Our favourite test-subject ought to be ourselves. So we apply the insights we've gained so far to ourselves, with how to overcome procrastination and personal development.

But also we apply them in our communication to others. More specifically, we're talking parenting and leadership

Step 3: Adapt

In the third step, things are becoming really juicy. We will be building a more lasting foundation for change. We will have to move out of our comfort zone, and adapt. This is where we start looking at how we can re-wire our brain. Yes, you read that right. Re-wire your brain. the secret to do so, is to create what scientists call 'enriched environments'.

This is the realm of neuroplasticity, our brain's ability to change itself at any age. We show you how to set up the conditions for a higher brain output, by aligning your environment and your actions to your brain.

Step 4: Expand

In the fourth and last step, we dive deep on a micro-biology level. In order to expand your brain's capacities we show you how to naturally stimulate the creation of new neurones and put them to good use.

This is the exciting field of neurogenesis, which is key to mental sharpness and lust for life. By applying the insights we share here, you will be able to profoundly transform your life and reach further than you ever thought possible.

4 steps to explore your brain

4 steps to explore our brain.

It all starts by understanding. Knowledge is power.

Then we need to apply what we learn and adapt our behaviour

By creating enriched environments, we will be able to mould our wiring up there

and by stimulating the creation of new brain cells, we'll be able to enjoy life to its fullest.

Join our Brain Academy now, and start exploring your brain

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"I really like this guy. Within his area, he is on a level above everyone else I listened to. Strongly recommended"

- Thomas Meurling

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Neuroscience For Parents: How To Raise Amazing Kids Gregory Caremans
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We're a proud member of the friends of the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research. As part of our collaboration, we dedicate a part of our profits to support their research. Which means that when you join our academy, you support their brain research as well.

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Well driven approach. It's very easy to understand and get into it. Simple, straight to the point and not fully of "magical solutions". I've enjoyed it. Looking forward for more content about it from you Greg. Thanks again!

Helio Costa

That's TERRIFIC! Gregory, you've made a perfect job again!!! A thousand of thanks! ... The only thing is that I couldn't make notes, because my eyes were glued to the screen - so, I can go back, start again, doing the quiz - so, after the raised dopamine-level the job-part of mine is coming!

Betty Zsoldos

Gregory took something extremely complicated and made it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Highly recommended.

Michael C Borgert


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    I don't know a thing about neuroscience. Is that a problem?
    Don’t worry, We’ve got you covered. Everything is explained in such a way that even complex information becomes accessible and easily digestible. We pride ourselves that we bring brain science to the masses.
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    The Brain Academy is a two way street, so you can ask any questions you want. There is a comment section to all lectures, or you can send us an email. We normally answer within 24 hours, and usually much faster than that.
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    You could. It would however be a full time job to acquire the most cutting edge information (as we do). There's also a lot of inaccurate information out there. All the information we share in the Brain Academy has been curated by our experts.
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