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The Neuroscience Of Sleep And Dreams

Neuroplasticity: How To Rewire Your Brain

How To Keep A Healthy Brain

Master Your Brain

Neuroscience For Parents

The Power Of Focus

Memory And Learning Skills

Confessions Of An Ex-Procrastinator

The Science Of Leadership

40+ Easy Ways To Deal With Stress

Neuroscience Of Shopping

Find Your Flow

Student Testimonials

See what our students are saying...

"I really like this guy. Within his area he is on a level above everyone else I listened to. Strongly recommended."

Thomas Meurling

"Can you eat just ONE potato chip? Can you take just ONE neuroscience course? Bet the answer is NO! :)"

Janis Musgrove

"Maybe if the NBA was a required course for humanity as a means of understanding human behaviour, we would all understand each other better, which, in turn could lead to world peace. All we need is a little understanding. Thank you! Awesome course. It has definitely changed my perspective how I view others."

Tracy Boyer

"Gregory, you did a masterful job in bringing forth practical advice on how we can use our brain more effectively. Understanding the underlying mechanisms is important and then introducing solutions. Thanks!"

Bob Ghost

"A great job taking something so complex and making it easy to understand without dumbing it down."

Jane Hudson

"Neuroscience carefully explained and applied to life. Finally! This course is very well structured and taught by a very knowledgeable instructor. I am a big fan of Gregory’s work and look forward to more!"

Katya Seberson

"I really didn’t know what to expect going into this course, but I am VERY satisfied with this course. I learned so much, and feel like I can actually actively use this information. Actions of others, and habitual actions of myself make more sense now after learning more about how the brain works. The lesson itself is very well laid out, and simplified. That was a big deal to me that this was simplified because I didn’t think I was going to be able to understand such a complex topic. I felt it was very well done, easy to understand and fun to learn! Highly suggested course! Great teacher, good sense of humour too!"

Lacey Jade Lanzo

"I enjoyed this course immensely. First off, it’s put together very well with excellent information and examples. Secondly, the instructor is entertaining, which in my opinion is a big plus and a great way for me to learn and retain ideas. Lastly, I learned a lot about myself, my drivers, my energy sources, and ways to make changes that will take time but stick with me. I highly recommend this course if you’re looking to get unstuck!"

Nikki Mendez

"Upon completing this course, you will feel like Neo seeing the code behind the Matrix. Understanding how the human brain is working in general will provide you with insight for so many areas of life: Work, School, Personal Life, Self-Esteem, more! I came to this class for the sheer curiosity. I received so very much more! Thanks to Gregory’s class: I am able to get along better with many more coworkers than previous because I can better recognise the “modes” they are stuck in : Mu self-esteem stays high when dealing with the coworkers I just never will get along with (too dominant or too marginalised), because I know*it’s not my brain that’s malfunctioning*: I have better negotiating skills than ever because now I know how, when, and WHY to ask questions to difficult personalities in an effort to come to a harmonious solution: I still have a lot to practice, but this course contains information I will carry with me for a lifetime."

A. Lynn

"Gregory does a fantastic job at explaining how the brain works and how to get an upper hand over all your thinking."

Christopher Browning

"Fantastic and fascinating - this is life changing stuff!! I especially enjoyed the section on habits which presented the concept of forming and breaking habits in a whole new light. Why have I never heard this before? I will come back to this again each time I need a reminder about how powerful my brain actually is :) I also appreciated the way the information was presented as well as the course content itself. The instructor was engaging, passionate, and knowledgeable. Top notch!"

Jessica Barst

"Very interesting lessons from a true expert."

Scott Duffy

"This instructor is amazing. The way he explains things makes it easy to understand. This information is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much."

Dena Giselle

"I learned a lot from this course and it made me realise why I am the way I am and why others are the way they are. The theories are sound and I like the idea that they are ever evolving. Thanks for providing this!"

Washington Alto

"I loved it! Love how Gregory makes it interesting, exciting, understandable and fun! It’s great to feel his enthusiasm! It’s contagious! It was well worth it as I have enrolled in this course with no expectations and got a great experience! Thank you."

Carla Oliveira

"Fascinating material. Perfectly delivered."

Pam Jenkinson

"I see myself returning to this course at least annually to preserve this knowledge!"

Emilia Górecka

"This is by far, one of the best courses I have taken part in. It is not only interesting but also life-changing. The idea of who we are and how our brain reshapes these features is simply mind-blowing. I never write a review but this course deserves it. I am kind of newbie in the subject and will definitely re-do it to record all this information. Thanks Gregory."

Pablo Lázaro

"Excellent content, very informative with lots of things I had no clue about. Fantastic, professional delivery in an entertaining format. Gregory Caremans is a true expert in the field and the course delivers a very fun and educational way to understand how to improve your brain. Definitely recommended!!!"

George Levy

"It feels like it’s all here. The instructor is also entertaining, not only facts facts. (Even though he’s very knowledgeable)"

Jonas Warstad

"What a fun dude. Loved learning from you, Gregory! I’ve really had a change of perspective here :D"

Lays Gomes Aguiar

"It was an extremely beneficial program. I loved the contents, the way it was presented and ease of understanding."

Suren Saini

"I love all things “brain” related. The material was great and the instructor is certainly one of my MOST FAVORITE!"

Amy Pendleton

"I’m mesmerised. It’s fascinating! Now also following the Brain Vlog and loving that too. Thank you Gregory."

Pam Jenkinson

"I think the pace of the course was great and the instructor makes it entertaining by implementing the right kind of attention cues in a topic that could otherwise feel very theoretical. A lot of examples of how to apply this neuroscience to life."

Gi Gi O'Brien